Welcome to Intelligent Living Inc.

The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person’s day-to-day, functional life over a span of many years, through hormone replenishment therapy, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness development.

It’s not simply about living longer but about living longer at an optimal level of health and wellness. Not your lifespan but your healthspan: the number of years you are healthy and vital—unencumbered, to the fullest extent possible, by the effects of aging that we must all face.

Lifespan is something we all share and for the most part it's out of our hands. However we each have our own healthspan, and that is something that we most definitely have a hand in shaping for our maximum benefit.

You Owe it to yourself to live life to it’s fullest today!

Health & Wellness

Building Optimal Health - Our mission is to customize programs for total wellness and longevity.
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Wellness Programs

Focused on the preservation of optimum human function & enjoying a high quality of life throughout the aging process.
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Cognitive Skills

Scientific brain 'training' games designed to boost your cognitive skills including learning, recognition, data manipulation, and overall intelligence.
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Business Solutions

Unique combination of clinical and patient data which can dramatically improve patient outcomes and adoption of treatment protocols.
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Mission & Vision Statement

Intelligent Living Inc. (ILIV) is building a business offering that focuses in the health, wellness and digital life space. We will to this end provide nutraceutical products, wellness products and services, mobile and digital health products, cognitive exercise and brain games as well as other value creation opportunities all relating to our core values. Intelligent Living is the Health and Wellness Company of the 21st Century.

Company Vision

Intelligent Living places value creation for each of our stakeholders – clients, professionals, shareholders and business partners above all. We will achieve this through accumulation of connected businesses and operational excellence.

Mission Statement

Intelligent Living is building the Health and Wellness Company of the 21st. Within this mission we consider mind, body, soul and a person’s digital life to be all connected in our value chain and plan to offer products and services that will take care of that whole ecosystem.


Memory is the crucial cognitive process enabling us to organize information, encode it, store it, and retrieve data when required. Our memory abilities affect every cognitive process including learning, recognition, data manipulation, and overall intelligence. Learn More


Attention is the gateway for conscious information processing. It is the cognitive process that enables us to focus and process certain data while ignoring other. Since our ability to process data is relatively limited, our attention mechanism is crucial for performing everyday activities. Learn More


Executive Functions

Executive functions are cognitive processes which control our ability to prioritize, plan, solve problems, make decisions, and adapt to changing situations. Executive functions play a crucial role in our ability to inhibit unwanted actions. Learn More

Visual Perception

Visual perception encompasses a variety of complex cognitive processes including our ability to cluster objects, manipulate them (spatially), organize patterns, and identify both visual regularities and irregularities. Learn More


Logic & Reasoning

Thinking and reasoning skills are critical for solving problems quickly and efficiently. They include good decision-making, abstract thinking, arriving at favorable conclusions, and correctly selecting from among various choices. Learn More


Company Direction

We develop customized programs with a fully integrated approach to healthy aging.

Our goal is to improve a person’s day-to-day, functional life over a span of many years, through bio-identical hormone therapy, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness.